Surgery Fitouts – Why Colour Matters

Colour is a powerful tool. All shades send a message and even evoke emotions in people. So here are some points on colour to consider when designing your surgery.
26th February 2015

Surgery Fitout Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers have a lot of questions for us when they are getting started. Here are the most common ones and the answers we give.
24th February 2015

5 Most Common Mistakes in Surgery Fitouts

Want to avoid the 5 most common mistakes in surgery fitout design and process? Read on.
23rd February 2015

The Three Most Important Elements of a Surgery Fitout

What are the key elements that must be considered when you are designing your healthcare clinic?
4th December 2014

Surgery Waiting Rooms – How To Keep The Customer Satisfied

How to best create an environment that patients won’t mind sitting in. Here are some tips.
4th December 2014

Top Five Surgery Fit Out Mistakes

Designing the perfect surgery is a precise art. Here are some of the major mistakes that are made during the fit out process and how to avoid them.
8th September 2014