Wayfinding in Healthcare Design

Wayfinding refers to signage and information systems that guide people through an environment and enhance their understanding of a place. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a medical practice...
17th July 2019

“Whole Hog” design & build

Asked what he thought was the biggest challenge facing the fit-out firm working on his practice design and build, Dr Nabil Matti’s response was both quick and incisive: “Me!”...
17th July 2019

Flooring in Veterinary Clinics

Just like any other healthcare design project, flooring plays an important part in the design of a veterinary clinic. Choosing the right flooring is crucial. It can save money...
18th June 2019


Register Now – Limited Spaces PLAN, DESIGN, BUILD AND FINANCE YOUR FUTURE PRACTICE RENOVATION Perfect Practice are holding a free information evening on the 28th of June and would...
21st May 2018

Designing healthcare spaces that work

As it appeared in the Australian Podiatrist Magazine Dec / Jan 2017 issue Perfect Practice is an industry leading Australian family owned and operated, healthcare construction fit-out business. Perfect...
10th February 2017

Top five current design trends for surgery waiting rooms

Long gone are the days of whitewashed walls and cold tiled floors – surgery waiting rooms are taking a deliberate step away from the antiseptic-scented, fluorescently-lit clinical space to...
5th May 2016

Find The Right Surface Finishes For Your Practice

Designing a waiting room is more than what you think looks good. Aesthetics, functionality and practicality all play major roles in deciding what goes into your new waiting room....
29th March 2016

Stress-Free Pets: Designing Your Veterinary Office for a Good Experience

While going to the vet can be a rather stressful experience for any pet, the layout of the office can go a long way in decreasing trauma. A well-designed...
2nd March 2016

Office Fit Outs: What Your Office Says about You

The look and feel of an office fit-out can initiate a lasting first impression. Even before a client has met you, they have subconsciously made a preconceived judgement based...
25th February 2016

How the design of your clinic can help to keep your patients calm

Whether you’re a doctor or a dentist, patients can become quite anxious when they are waiting in your surgery or clinic. What you might not realise, is that there...
4th February 2016

Surgery Fitouts – why colour matters

Colour is a powerful tool. All shades send a message and even evoke emotions in people. So here are some points on colour to consider when designing your surgery.
26th February 2015

Surgery Fitout Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers have a lot of questions for us when they are getting started. Here are the most common ones and the answers we give.
24th February 2015