office fitouts: what our office says about you

The look and feel of an office fit-out can initiate a lasting first impression. Even before a client has met you, they have subconsciously made a preconceived judgement based on how your working environment is presented. Here are some questions clients seek to answer by analysing a professional office space.   1) Are You Professional? […]

stress-free pets: designing your veterinary office for a good experience

While going to the vet can be a rather stressful experience for any pet, the layout of the office can go a long way in decreasing trauma. A well-designed layout welcomes pets with friendly staff, employs an efficient system for performing surgeries and examinations as quickly and as painlessly as possible, and maintains a pleasant […]

find the right surface finishes for your practice

Designing a waiting room is more than what you think looks good. Aesthetics, functionality and practicality all play major roles in deciding what goes into your new waiting room. A dental practice’s waiting office serves very specific functions, and these can be overlooked if you don’t have the correct mindset. Some of these functions include […]

handling kids in the dental chair

Dealing with younger patients involves a certain degree of finesse, as well as a unique personality that children can warm to. This, more than your medical techniques, is what can make or break a child’s experience in a dentist’s office. Most of these traits are common sense – be conversational (to their level), be happy […]

top 5 design current trends for surgery waiting rooms

Long gone are the days of whitewashed walls and cold tiled floors – surgery waiting rooms are taking a deliberate step away from the antiseptic-scented, fluorescently-lit clinical space to embrace a warm and welcoming environment. By creating a waiting room that is less ‘sterile-office’ and more reflective of a hotel room or home, you can […]

cove dental 10 minutes from home


Cove Dental is the brand new practice of Dr. John Hills and his wife, Bomi, in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove, 10 kilometres from the CBD across the Harbour Bridge. The University of Sydney graduate had been looking to establish his first practice for a number of years and has finally made the move. […]