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Dental Clinic Fit-out Services – Australia Wide

Having spent thousands of hours working with dentists and specialists across Australia, Perfect Practice has acquired a considerable depth of knowledge and understanding of what optimal design and operation of a dental practice should look like. The team ensure they are up to speed with the evolving dental-surgery specific statutory requirements across Australia and in partnering with industry experts, have access to the latest advancements within the field. It is this progressive expertise that separates a Healthcare Fit-out Specialist from an Office Fit-out Specialist or ‘Local Builder’.

Getting to know the basics

Designing a Dental Clinic is uniquely different from commercial interior design. Leading design philosophies are work-shopped and employed by the Perfect Practice Design team to ensure each clinic layout is the perfect balance of ergonomics, efficiency and aesthetics. Perfect Practice’s fit-out process is a concept to completion solution; meaning we can assist you in locating a suitable premises, right through to launching the practice – not only the physical fit-out.
The ideal time to engage a Healthcare Fit-out Specialist, is before you settle on a property, as the type of site can significantly affect the cost and time involved during the fit-out stage. An experienced Healthcare Fit-out Specialist will be able to guide you in choosing a suitable site that will provide the best return on investment. With your success in mind, Perfect Practice considers each step in our process as valuable step towards this goal and therefore early engagement is beneficial in order to receive optimum results.

Experience Drives Results

Perfect Practice is humbled by the 1,400 Healthcare Professionals that have chosen to partner with our company since its early days. Having repeated our process over 1,000 times, Perfect Practice has had the opportunity to test and re-test said process in many different scenarios, developing our experience and reliability in the Industry.

We’ve all had the experience of working in an environment and feeling frustrated because of a poor layout, unappealing aesthetics or deficiencies in storage area, room size or desk space.

Perfect Practice can help you anticipate such problems and prevent them from occurring through employing best practice principals, from floor plan design through to the material finishes. The design process is more than selecting colours and fabrics. Good design is empowered by the science of sensation transference and ergonomics.

You’d be surprised just how much difference there can be between a well-designed dental surgery and one that is poorly constructed. A difference that is worth more than you may think.

A Concept to Completion Solution

This line of work requires the acquisition and installation of specialised equipment which demands its own specialised infrastructure – from beefed-up electrical lines, water and sewerage points, bio-hazard and other dangerous waste disposal. It’s best to install this infrastructure at the same time the equipment is installed; dental clinic specialists are familiar with the services needed and the process as a whole.

Dental surgery design services also include the process of constructing, or modifying existing office spaces to the fairly unique configuration that a surgery needs: a centralised nurse’s and reception station and several small examining and dental work rooms. This is unlikely to be the configuration of an existing office, which is another reason why you need a dental practice fit out service.

Our specialists all across Australia have dealt with these requirements before and will therefore enable you to make the right decisions when setting up your practice.

I chose Perfect Practice as my surgery fitout company because of their expertise in fitting out dental surgeries. It was a pleasure to work with their team. My surgery was finished nicely and on time. I most appreciated their knowledge in the industry.
- Dr. K Y Zee