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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your dental fitout varies, depending on factors like size, design complexity, material quality, and equipment needs. Perfect Practice offers customised solutions, balancing your vision with your budget. For an accurate estimate, we recommend a consultation with one our a team experts to assess your specific requirements.

The timeline for a dental fitout project depends on its scale and design intricacies. Typically, it ranges from several months to a year. At Perfect Practice, we ensure efficient project management to deliver your practice within a realistic and agreed timeframe, prioritising quality and minimising disruption.

Select a dental fitout company with a strong track record in dental-specific projects, like Perfect Practice. Look for experience, a provider with a good reputation, peer reviews, and a portfolio showcasing quality and variety. Ensure they offer tailored services, adhere to regulatory standards, and demonstrate excellent communication and project management skills. A company that understands and aligns with your vision is key.
The process of a dental fitout with Perfect Practice involves an initial consultation with our expert team to understand and visualise your vision. This is followed by a bespoke design, that maximisies the available floor area to futureproof potential growth plans. Once all parties are satisfied requirements have been met, construction can commence. Timings will vary based on size and scope of the individual project as well as the approval and certification process. We guide you through each step, ensuring the project aligns with your vision, budget, and compliance requirements, culminating in a high-quality dental practice that is delivered to a relaistic timeframe.
Determining the need for town planning approval depends on your practice’s location and the scope of the fitout. Perfect Practice assists in navigating these requirements, liaising with local authorities to understand regulations and obtain necessary approvals, and ensuring your project complies with all local planning laws.

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