prioritisation in practice design and planning for expansion

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prioritisation in practice design and planning for expansion

Designing and future-proofing your practice may be difficult to gauge. However, here are a few easy tips and investments you can make from the beginning that can help avoid bigger costs later.


  1. Site selection – We always try and make sure that we pick the best placement for your practice, and picking a site that can also be expanded in the future is one of the things we take into consideration with you.
  2. Plan storage last – While we all need space to store inventory, this is something that should not be a big design focus. When you are able to expand your practice, repurposing, and redesigning storage spaces to make room for another consult room or dental chair can be more costly and add more renovation work, leading to longer completion times.
  3. Make your rooms versatile – It is a worthwhile investment to make sure that your rooms are designed for expansion. A simple way of doing this would be to install plumbing in a consult room if it ever needs to become another dental chair.


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