Creating Inclusive Spaces: The Importance of An Accessible Fit-Out Design

Creating a medical clinic fit-out that everyone can easily use is very significant. This means designing spaces that are welcoming and accessible, especially for people with disabilities like those who are deaf or have mobility challenges. At Perfect Practice, we are deeply committed to focusing on designs that meet everyone’s needs, ensuring that each person […]

Celebrating 20 Years Design: The Evolution Of Health Practice Fitouts

Health Practice Fitouts

The design of a healthcare practice goes beyond aesthetics; it plays a critical role in the space’s functionality and the well-being of its occupants. A carefully planned fitout can profoundly impact the patient experience, from the ease of movement to the subtle but significant influence of the surrounding environment on healing. Over the past two […]

The Importance of Lighting in Dental Fitouts

dental fitouts

The importance of lighting in dental surgery fitouts cannot be overstated. Good lighting helps dentists perform accurately and with precision, allowing for the proper diagnosis and treatment of dental issues. Proper lighting also ensures the safety of dental procedures, as dentists can work more efficiently and avoid errors or complications that can occur due to […]

2022 year in review

Blog EOY Post

We are proud to have completed so many practices this year. Perfect Practice has completed 112 fit outs of Dental, Medical, Allied Health and Veterinary practices in 2022. Leading the market in quantity and quality. Find out why clients choose to work with us. Choose perfection Perfect Practice have almost two decades worth of experience […]

surgery fit-out frequently asked questions

Our customers have a lot of questions for us when they are getting started. Here are the most common ones and the answers we give. Why should I consider Perfect Practice for my new fit-out? Having completed over 1100 practices, our team have fine-tuned the art of design and construction, from DA applications to Marketing […]

office fitouts: what our office says about you

The look and feel of an office fit-out can initiate a lasting first impression. Even before a client has met you, they have subconsciously made a preconceived judgement based on how your working environment is presented. Here are some questions clients seek to answer by analysing a professional office space.   1) Are You Professional? […]

cove dental 10 minutes from home


Cove Dental is the brand new practice of Dr. John Hills and his wife, Bomi, in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove, 10 kilometres from the CBD across the Harbour Bridge. The University of Sydney graduate had been looking to establish his first practice for a number of years and has finally made the move. […]

kearns dental – a perfect first practice

Kearnes Dental

A decade after graduating from Sydney University with Honours, Dr Harshi Dissanayake made the decision to transition from employed dentist to practice owner. Having spent much of her career working in Sydney’s south-west, the suburb of Kearns, 57 km from the CBD, was chosen as the ideal location. “Ten years out, it was time to […]

avalon beach family dental


Sydney’s Northern Peninsula starts at Manly and ends at Palm Beach and hosts some of Australia’s best-known swimming beaches and surf breaks. Avalon is one of those and Avalon Beach Family Dental is Dr Astrid Kylstra’s fun, vibrant new practice located some 40km from the Sydney CBD. Twenty years after graduating dentistry at UQ, Dr […]