A Welcoming Clinic Space for Pets and Their Owners


Designing a pet-friendly clinic space is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a calming and welcoming environment that caters to the unique needs of animals and their human companions. The impact of a well-thought-out clinic space can be profound, contributing to reduced stress for pets, increased satisfaction for pet owners, and a more efficient […]

Functional Aesthetics: Innovative Features in Healthcare Interior Design

Innovative Features in Healthcare Interior Design

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the concept of functional aesthetics has emerged as a transformative force in interior design. Traditionally, healthcare spaces were characterised by sterile sparse rooms with a sole focus on functionality; aesthetics an afterthought. However, a shift is underway, where decorative elements are being embraced. Their purpose is not just being […]

The Importance of Accessibility in Healthcare Fitouts

‘Inclusivity’ and ‘accessibility’ aren’t just the buzzwords of 2023: they’re universal principles that should be applied to everything – including, and especially, in the healthcare industry. When designing your healthcare fitout, it’s important to keep accessibility at the heart of your designs. By creating medical centre and dental clinic fitouts that prioritise inclusivity, you’re demonstrating […]

surgery fitout – why colour matters

Family Orthodontics

If you’ve got a few minutes it’s worth visiting the Pantone website and having a look around. Pantone is a multi-million dollar global company that specialises in colour. It identifies trends and puts together palates that guide everything from what’s on the fashion catwalk to the colour of your home interiors. There is a huge amount of […]

how the design of your practice can help to keep your patients calm

Whether you’re a doctor or a dentist, patients can become quite anxious when they are waiting in your surgery or clinic practice. What you might not realise, is that there a few simple design aspects that you can implement within your space to help your patients to feel as relaxed as possible. Hit the roof […]

handling kids in the dental chair

Dealing with younger patients involves a certain degree of finesse, as well as a unique personality that children can warm to. This, more than your medical techniques, is what can make or break a child’s experience in a dentist’s office. Most of these traits are common sense – be conversational (to their level), be happy […]

cove dental 10 minutes from home


Cove Dental is the brand new practice of Dr. John Hills and his wife, Bomi, in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove, 10 kilometres from the CBD across the Harbour Bridge. The University of Sydney graduate had been looking to establish his first practice for a number of years and has finally made the move. […]

kearns dental – a perfect first practice

Kearnes Dental

A decade after graduating from Sydney University with Honours, Dr Harshi Dissanayake made the decision to transition from employed dentist to practice owner. Having spent much of her career working in Sydney’s south-west, the suburb of Kearns, 57 km from the CBD, was chosen as the ideal location. “Ten years out, it was time to […]

new paediatric practice for sydney’s upper north shore

Specialist Paediatric Dentist, Prashanth Dhanpal, journeyed half way ‘round the world before finding a home in Sydney’s northern suburbs. Dr Dhanpal trained at undergraduate level in India and then completed his Masters and Advanced Diploma in Paediatric Dentistry in Hong Kong. Arriving in Sydney in 2010, he is one of a very few specialist Paediatric […]

designing healthcare spaces that work

As it appeared in the Australian Podiatrist Magazine Dec / Jan 2017 issue Perfect Practice is an industry leading Australian family owned and operated, healthcare construction fit-out business. Perfect Practice offers an end to end solution that integrates design, budget planning, scheduling and construction to create stunning, timeless practices. For more than a decade, Perfect […]