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The fitout process can be daunting if you have not done it previously. This process will involve dozens of individuals from many trades, consultancies and backgrounds. Luckily there is an established process that is used as a standard in the building industry. This enables all the players to speak the same language and understand immediately where your project is at and what their role will be.

You, as the owner, may be the least informed as you don’t do this for a living, but understanding the process will make it easier for you.

Your contact is your project manager. He will guide you through the various steps and let you know when your input and decisions are required.

The seven basic steps are:
  1. Site Assessment & Consultation
  2. Space Planning (plus link to 3rd party space planning tool)
  3. Architectural Design / Interior Design
  4. Construction
  5. Interior Fitout
  6. Identity & Corporate Branding
  7. Project Management