Perfect Practice Healthcare Design Sketch

This is the exciting stage, when the practice starts taking shape physically. It is one thing to walk through the practice with the Virtual Reality software during the Design Phase, but now it is a tangible experience. It can be an emotional roller-coaster as well. As the walls go in, the practice seems smaller but then as flooring and joinery is installed, its proportions level out. Making changes during construction is preferably avoided as these variations can add considerably to the cost. Any foreseeable changes that may occur during construction are made way for accordingly during the initial quotation stage so we provide you with the most accurate price that we can. This is our ‘no surprises’ approach, giving our clients assurance and peace of mind.
Perfect Practice has a large network of experienced builders and tradesmen with the capacity and experience required to manage Healthcare Fit-outs on a national scale. Before trusting in their workmanship, Perfect Practice ensures they have existing experience in healthcare fit-outs, which are typically more complex than common office or retail fit-outs.