Site Assessment

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Choosing the correct site is a step where its importance can often be overlooked. Finding the right space will ultimately define your practice in many ways. Having designed thousands of floor-plans in sites of all shapes, sizes and zones, our team is familiar with what is needed to ensure your site is conducive to a high-functioning, successful practice.

Some aspects that need consideration are:
  1. Zoning – is the site zoned by local council for Medical Use?
  2. Car parking – how many spaces are required and how many are available?
  3. Disabled access – councils are now required to enforce the access codes which are difficult to fulfil in older buildings
  4. Tenancy area – are there enough square meters of space to accommodate your needs? Which direction does it face? Does it have natural light? Is there a rear entrance?
  5. Signage Potential – can you place signs on the outside of the building and way-finding signs on the inside?
  6. Emergency Assess Requirements – is there fire egress, does it comply with the code?
  7. Construction Access – is there a loading bay? Or contractor parking?
  8. Building Fit-out Requirements – does the landlord have a Fit-out Guide/Manual Security/After Hours Access – can you get in after hours to treat an emergency?
  9. Suitability of Existing Services
  10. Is air-conditioning installed?
  11. Is there ceiling space for electrical services?
  12. Can the slab (floor) be core-holed for waste drainage?
  13. Is there sufficient amperage to run the practice?
  14. Is there sufficient water pressure for the practice?
  15. Are there adequate fire protection services?
  16. Does the building comply with the National Construction Code (NCC)?