Designing for Infection Control: Best Practices for Medical Clinic Fitouts

Over the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of infection control in our daily lives: social distancing, regular hand washing, and wearing face masks, all of which contributed to minimising the spread of germs. But let’s consider all this in a healthcare practice setting. The importance of being prepared and resilient in […]

Creating a Healthy and Welcoming Space: Design Tips for Healthcare Fitouts

Tips for Healthcare Fitouts

Cost. Fear of diagnosis and stigma. Negative experiences. There are countless legitimate reasons why a patient may be hesitant to visit a healthcare clinic. While many factors can be manageable with education and communication, there’s one that is certainly controllable: the fitout of your space. As a healthcare provider, it’s important to create a welcoming […]

Designing a Modern Veterinary Clinic: Top Trends and Tips

Modern Veterinary Clinic Reception

A well-designed veterinary clinic plays a critical role in providing a positive experience for both pets and their owners. It serves as a sanctuary for healing, comfort, and care for animals in need, while also creating a welcoming environment for their owners during what can be an emotional time. The design of a veterinary clinic […]

prioritisation in practice design and planning for expansion

Designing and future-proofing your practice may be difficult to gauge. However, here are a few easy tips and investments you can make from the beginning that can help avoid bigger costs later.   Site selection – We always try and make sure that we pick the best placement for your practice, and picking a site […]

Top 5 surgery fitout mistakes

surgery fit-out mistakes

Designing and establishing the perfect surgery is a precise art. Here are some of the major mistakes that are made during the fit out process and how to avoid them. NOT PLANNING SUFFICIENTLY OR THINKING AHEAD The process of creating a well functioning and great looking medical space has to come from the ground up. […]

Surgery Waiting Rooms – How to Keep the Patient Satisfied

It’s a common expectation from patients that there will be a bit of a wait at their medical centre, especially towards the end of the day when appointments have gone overtime and patients who have been running late have pushed back the schedule for the entire day. While its up to every clinic to try […]

The three most important elements of a surgery fitout


When you walk into a well thought out dental practice or medical surgery the layout always appears effortless. However the best practices have a great deal of thought and planning behind their seamless look. Here are the key elements that must be carefully considered while you’re establishing or updating your healthcare clinic. DESIGN First and […]

5 most common mistakes in surgery fitouts

1. NO BUSINESS PLAN This normally is a fatal oversight. The Project Managers Institute of Australia have a fine motto which sums this up: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Preparing a business plan not only gives a budget and goals to work towards, it also reassures the bank that you understand […]

surgery fitout – why colour matters

Family Orthodontics

If you’ve got a few minutes it’s worth visiting the Pantone website and having a look around. Pantone is a multi-million dollar global company that specialises in colour. It identifies trends and puts together palates that guide everything from what’s on the fashion catwalk to the colour of your home interiors. There is a huge amount of […]

find the right surface finishes for your practice

Designing a waiting room is more than what you think looks good. Aesthetics, functionality and practicality all play major roles in deciding what goes into your new waiting room. A dental practice’s waiting office serves very specific functions, and these can be overlooked if you don’t have the correct mindset. Some of these functions include […]