prioritisation in practice design and planning for expansion

Designing and future-proofing your practice may be difficult to gauge. However, here are a few easy tips and investments you can make from the beginning that can help avoid bigger costs later.   Site selection – We always try and make sure that we pick the best placement for your practice, and picking a site […]

how the design of your practice can help to keep your patients calm

Whether you’re a doctor or a dentist, patients can become quite anxious when they are waiting in your surgery or clinic practice. What you might not realise, is that there a few simple design aspects that you can implement within your space to help your patients to feel as relaxed as possible. Hit the roof […]

top 5 design current trends for surgery waiting rooms

Long gone are the days of whitewashed walls and cold tiled floors – surgery waiting rooms are taking a deliberate step away from the antiseptic-scented, fluorescently-lit clinical space to embrace a warm and welcoming environment. By creating a waiting room that is less ‘sterile-office’ and more reflective of a hotel room or home, you can […]

design considerations for healthcare staff

Workspace design has long been linked to employee health and productivity, and it’s not any different in the healthcare industry. Evolving trends have put an increased focus on staff needs, as well as those of patients. Employees in the healthcare industry often work long, gruelling hours and they need to have a place to decompress […]

the perfect home for the good dentist


Dr Garreth McBride readily admits that calling his new practice The Good Dentist was a ballsy move. However, after working with a marketing consultant to help him stand out and with no desire to name his practice after the street it was on or the suburb it was in, the affable Irishman settled on a […]

important design elements of a dental clinic

  When it comes to designing a dental clinic, the first thing to take into consideration is the space and how best to utilise it. Does the space have enough rooms for the amount of surgery, sterilization and equipment rooms a dentist wants to have? Visiting the dentist often causes a lot of anxiety and […]

wayfinding signage in healthcare design

Wayfinding refers to signage and information systems that guide people through an environment and enhance their understanding of a place. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a medical practice or dental clinic, which is why it’s so important to have an effective wayfinding system. Wayfinding should: Reduce stress and frustration Increase patient accessibility Make the […]

flooring in veterinary clinics

Just like any other healthcare design project, flooring plays an important part in the design of a veterinary clinic. Choosing the right flooring is crucial. It can save money in the long-term and keep staff and clients safe. Flooring in a veterinarian clinic should be: Durable: Flooring that can withstand chemical agents, spills, animal accidents and […]

mid-century cottage makeover

In a resto-renovation that would rival the reality TV show “The Block”, a simple weatherboard cottage has been completely renovated for its new life as “time warp” orthodontic practice. Dr Nerissa Green, who operates Charlestown Orthodontics, had to negotiate a raft of planning approval hurdles aimed at retaining the “residential façade” and character of the […]

designing healthcare spaces that work

As it appeared in the Australian Podiatrist Magazine Dec / Jan 2017 issue Perfect Practice is an industry leading Australian family owned and operated, healthcare construction fit-out business. Perfect Practice offers an end to end solution that integrates design, budget planning, scheduling and construction to create stunning, timeless practices. For more than a decade, Perfect […]